Eva de Vil – Cant Stop

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Duration: 12:27s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You should really stop now. One moment of weakness would be enough to make you lose control. You could have a ruined orgasm and I’d have to punish you for that. You won’t be allowed to jerk tomorrow, and jerking is your favourite thing. So you should really stop now. But it feels too good. It feels too good to look into my eyes, listen to my moans and writhe in the agonizing bliss of denial. So you DON’T stop. Instead, you edge again and again, each time tearing your hand away at the last second, certain that it was the final edge, that your body can’t take even one more stroke. Then you catch your breath…and can’t resist wrapping your hand around your throbbing cock again. Now you’re pumping for my tits, so you CAN’T stop. You should really stop now. You’re probably gonna ruin it if you keep going like this. You’re not gonna ruin it. You’re a good boy. I know you can control yourself. You do this every night and every morning. This is what you’re trained for.

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