Eva de Vil – 4 Day Chastity Edging Challenge

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Duration: 18:36s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You must not have released for at least 3 days prior to this clip. You will begin this clip in chastity. From the moment I give you permission to place your key in the lock, you will begin a one hour countdown, signaling your required edging time for the day. The precious seconds with your erection will tick away as you goon for me. When the alarm sounds and your hour is up, you will lock yourself back up until the next day at the same time (7pm earliest), where you’ll repeat this process. I’m sure you’ll be dripping, aching and thinking about me constantly between unlocks. For 4 days, you will unlock and edge for one hour, ONLY cumming on the final day. I will have a punishment for you if you fail… which I’m sure you won’t, because you’re a well disciplined good boy, after all. I want to make it clear that I will be having as many orgasms as I please while you’re blue balled and edging. I just had one now. Maybe I’ll have another while my poor, denied bitch fills his balls to the max.

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