Empress Poison – Sissy Sex Slave Contract

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Duration: 9:36s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

A life that you are supposed to live. I know the truth. You know the truth. You live under the false ego of man but deep down inside you are a sissy waiting to be objectified, put in your place. I can grant you that honest living at a grave cost. You will be thrust into my back alley bordello, living your true self while your soul erodes away with the amount of cum that is pumped through your sore tired body. You will be a shell of a former man. Now nothing but a cock sucking sissy object. Addicted to cock, cum and the dark side. You will never be fit for society ever again, your soul with my twisted, blackened. Filled with the DNA of thousands of strange men who live by corrupt morals. You will be nothingness, cum and darkness.

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