Emma Lux – Rejection Turns You On

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Duration: 9:6s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Admit it, rejection has become a huge part of your identity. You used to get embarrassed every single time you faced rejection…it was HUMILIATING. You used to get nervous, scared, even terrified of rejection. One day, however, you transformed. There was like a switch in your brain that changed everything. You no longer saw so rejection as scary…it suddenly kind of turned you on. Which (by the way) is not fucking normal haha. No real man would find rejection hot. However, weak, unattractive betas like you use it as a coping mechanism. You’ve heard “no” so many fucking times that your brain actually rewired it to be hot. How fucked are you?! Hahaha…I view betas like you as the lowest of the low. Being turned on by denial is nothing to brag about. Getting rejected by me is your ultimate fetish. I mean, look at me…I’m a 10. You’re not even a 1! Real beta, losers are going to loveeee all the rejection and shame that they receive from this video. How gross!

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