Emma Lux – Numb The Pain This Valentines Day

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Duration: 12:0s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

All alone again on Valentine’s Day; you’re used to it at this point. This holiday always reminds you of what a pathetic, loser you are. No one wants to be with you, no one wants to fuck you. You’re unlovable. Since you’re having all these sad realizations, you might as well numb the pain. Numb the pain with aroma! You might as well…you have nothing else going for you. Inhale for me- yes, nice and deep. Mmmmm that feels better, doesn’t it? Inhale and stroke that sad, lonely cock for me. Stroke out all your pain, stroke out all your loneliness. Yes…keep stroking for me. Inhale again. Inhale deep and fall into my words, my body. Stroke to this body that you will never have. I’m way out of your league and you know it…you could never fuck someone as hot as me. Stroke to numb the pain, stroke to forget.

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