Emma Lux – Mean Makes You Hard

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Duration: 9:13s
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You suck. Let’s face it. You’re a big fucking loser just for buying this video! I can smell out a loser from a mile away! Just look at you…you fucking suck! You buy my videos because I’m out of your league. You know that you could never get with someone as hot as me. It must suck to get denied constantly, to suck at life! No one cares about you or your pathetic cock. Also look at you…you’re so hard!! Don’t deny it. My mean, spiteful words make your cock throb. You can’t help but jerk your sad, pathetic cock when I tell you the cold hard truth. How disgusting! Like what in the actual fuck is wrong with you?! Losers like you are all the same..so boring and weak. You will never be an alpha, you will never be a real man! Once a loser, always a loser! You’re so turned on because I’m hot and honest. You’re welcome.

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