Emma Lux – Hopelessly Devoted

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Duration: 7:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Every time our eyes lock, you can feel your mind rearranging…getting broken down little by little. You are completely and helplessly devoted to this perfection. I don’t blame you; in fact, no man can resist being this close to perfection. You feel helpless, you feel weak. This is destiny, we were meant to meet. I was meant to take over you, ruin you, and take what’s mine. This type of power is rare, mesmerizing, and life-changing. I can make you do anything- I can make you get on your knees, kiss the ground, kneel before me, and empty your bank account. Pre-Emma life does not exist anymore, I have changed your entire life’s purpose. Giving up complete control has never felt better, be prepared to become the most subservient version of you. Submit to your superior Goddess.

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