Emma Lux – Goon Your Life Away

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Duration: 8:53s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It never gets old- stroking, jerking, gooning through life. You are weak, you can’t resist temptation. You’re SO desperate to stroke…your cock completely controls your entire life. Nothing matters in your pathetic existence except jerking that dick. Go ahead, enter the goon cave…jerk endlessly. There is simply no other option for you. I look too good in this red lingerie, I’m simply irresistible. You MUST stroke your weak cock for Princess. Jerking for hours on end just feels so right, so natural. This is what you were put on Earth to do. Your purpose is to be a horny, mindless, jerk zombie for Princess. Nothing else in your pathetic life matters, the outside world is meaningless. It’s just me, you, your hand, and your cock. My voice penetrates deep inside you and drives you into a nonstop edging ecstasy journey!

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