Emma Choice – Sun Kissed Sister 2160p

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Duration: 23:05
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

The first video from my new SUMMER HEAT series! You’re hanging out with your sister while she sun tans, but she’s beginning to get annoyed with your incessant staring. She sends you on an errand to get her some water. While you’re away, she cant help but slide her hand into her bathing suit in the summer heat. She begins to play with herself slowly, passionately. You shock her into her senses arriving back sooner than she anticipated. You both play it off, and she says you can help with her sunscreen. She rubs it into her legs, feet, toes, stomach. You exchange some banter as she tries to get more out of the bottle. Once she’s sufficiently sun protected, you’re still hanging around. She says she has one more thing you guys can do. She has some oil you can help her rub in, maybe give her a massage too. She’s dripping the oil down over her arms, neck, chest… her top has come lose, exposing her breasts. The heat has a way of playing tricks on you, before you know it you’re staring into each others eyes and your lips can’t help but meet. You share an intense kiss before coming back to reality. But once the line has been crossed, it’s hard to go back. You finger her from behind as she spreads the oil over her bouncing ass. She urges the two of you to head inside away from any prying eyes. Once there, you work her over with your mouth and fingers as she gasps for air. She questions if you should go any further, before it’s too late… INCLUDES

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