Emily Valentina – OrgasMatrix

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Duration: 46:25s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

BUY TO SEE 100% UNCENSORED! 45 MINUTES of edging and mindfucking! Your day-to-day life is so boring and drab… mundane work, repetitive tasks… and, to think, that there are people telling you that you can’t even enjoy the simple pleasure of jerking off? Ridiculous. Step into MY reality instead! Plug in… tune out… and enter a world of ENDLESS pleasure. Dopamine and serotonin pulsing through your brain, pure BLISS with every moment you spend with me- and every moment of pumping becomes more enjoyable than the last! Every time you cum on command… your orgasms become stronger. Every time you’re stressed… just stare at ME and feel your mind go BLANK as I pump you full of pleasure. Reality is overrated- enter the simulation. Watch with headphones for amplified effects!

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