DreXOXO – Crime Fetish

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Duration: 5:46s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Youre my hot gf. Youre used to getting everything your way. You hate my step-Mom and make no secret about it. She has no idea about that. She actually tries to have a close relationship with you for my Sake. But in your opinion she just an old, ugly, good-for-nothing cunt who takes up to much of my time. You also have a crime-fetish. You lay naked in bed next to me and tell me that you fantasize about getting rid of my step-Mom. I’m shocked. You try to explain to me how hot it would be if my hot brat gf just ended my old, bitch step-Mom. You say you have touched yourself to the thought of just smothering her with your tits after she keeps nagging on for a while to long or shoving a pillow in her face while the two of us fuck. I’m still shocked but you notice that i’m getting hard. So you start touching me and you’re getting hot as well. It doesn’t take long for me to cum. You say something like ‘You would never tell on me right babe?’ You make insinuations of making a ‘girlsday’, I’m not sure if your serious, are joking to just play into to fact that you triggered me with your kink. I’m confused but you hold so much Power over me that i can’t say anything. All while showing of your beautiful body, exspecially your lovely tits and your beautiful face.

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