Dommelia – Sissy Goonette for Goddess

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Duration: 13:2s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Oh sissy, you’ve been feeling so left out, haven’t you? Seeing all this gooning content going out from dommes. But you aren’t a gooner, are you, sissy? No, you’re not a man, you’re a gooning girl, which makes you a goonette. But I’m here to turn you into a good, obedient, sissy goonette for me. I’ll have you loading up some sissy porn and stroking your sissy clit, edging and gooning. Watching that sissy porn, wishing it was you sucking on those cocks, conditioning yourself so all you can think about is being a mindless, sissy goonette for me. Building yourself up to the edge and then denying yourself, to keep yourself in optimum gooning sissy state, just the way I want you!

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