Dommelia – Pump It For Lips and Ass

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Duration: 11:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Have you been missing me? You and your big submissive cock must be desperately missing my presence, whilst I’m out here enjoying a sub-funded vacation. The sub who funded my trip is an obsessed little bitch just like you, except he has a tiny little cock. Not like you. And you know how I much prefer to have a big, thick, juicy cock like yours to dominate and control. And I’ll be doing just that when I come back, so you had better rid of your girlfriend by then. I mean, she could never compare me to me. Look at my body in this tight workout outfit, these yoga pants which perfectly show off my juicy ass and this pussy that you so desperately miss. But of course, as much as all that turns you on, I know full well that the thing that gets you most horny is my big, juicy, luscious lips. As I come up close and tease you with them, making them extra glossy as I tease you with kisses and instruct you to jerk your cock. It drives you wild seeing me up close, your cock throbs as I continue to blow kisses and you’re ready to explode as I count you down to a big, fat, explosive orgasm.

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