Dommelia – Long Slow Drain

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Duration: 30:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Hey weakling. I know you’ve been craving a drain. A nice, loooong, sensual drain. Getting increasingly turned on whilst I slowly but surely take everything from you. Forget everything else, focus only on me, listen to my words & follow my instructions. You know exactly what your role is in life and you love to fulfil your role. Gooning away, helplessly stroking and sending, feeling that thrill of paying me. That trigger I’ve planted in you will never be erased – the need to stroke, send and obey consumes you. Seeing me in this sexy lingerie weakens you even more, as I seduce you into obeying my every command, whilst instructing you on how to slowly stroke your cock, building yourself up in anticipation. It feels so good, nothing else compares to this feeling, so embrace it because I’m going to have you begging to pay.

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