Dommebombshell – Lucid Dream 2 – Tab Fantasy

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Like the last lucid dream with stepmom and stepsisters. In my dreams the females I live with tease me with their hot bodies but in reality they are sweet, innocent and completely oblivious to how I fantasize about them. One day stepmom and I are talking on the couch about work and school when my eyes eventually go down and I daydream about stepmom shoving her boobs in my face and getting me to suck on her tits before giving me a titfuck but before I cum you snap me out of it. Later I am studying when one of my stepsisters visits. We talk and then she goes to leave but knocks something off the table and she bends over to pick it up and I get to see her sexy ass and then after she puts the item back on my desk she leaves. However, I cannot study as I think about my stepsister’s ass I daydream about her swinging it back and forth and then rubbing on my crotch begging for me to cum but I snap out of it just as she comes back to tell me tea is ready. That night I am with my other stepsister as she tries on a new lipstick she got. As you talk my eyes are drawn to your lips and I fantasize about you kissing and telling how much you love me before I snap out it with you saying goodnight. That night I have a dream with my stepmom and stepsisters all kissing me, saying they love me over and over and rubbing their asses on me and giving me titfucks. Then they all fuck me moaning, begging and still kissing wanting my cum inside them which I do and then they say wake up and give me a kiss

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