Domina Helena – Pit Seduction Scent Armpit Worship JOI

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Duration: 9:40s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Tonight is a very special night for us. I’ve been planning this day for quite some time. I see what has been peaking your interest. Where your eyes go to, your face, your nose goes to every time we get close. See, you are a little bit different from the rest, aren’t you? And, you have a little proclivity that turns you on. I already know how bad you want to get to my pits. I always noticed how hard you get every time I raise my arms. You get so hard and try to find every opportunity to get underneath them. Didn’t think I would catch on? I have been observing you and testing you out. I know how bad you want to sniff and lick them. Your cock aches for them, doesn’t it?

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