Domina Elara – Totally Not Gay

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Duration: 11:16s
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You’ve told all your friends you aren’t gay… then why does your eyes keep darting to my HUGE strap on cock? Infact, why are you licking those lips as I stroke this big strap? I’m sure it’s NOTHING to do with being gay. Infact to be totally sure, I think this should be tested out. Then you should not be having an erection if you suck this strap on, after all – it’s just a toy, it shouldn’t do ANYTHING to you isn’t it? A straight man wouldn’t get hard if they sucked a cock. So show Me… My my you look nervous. Well, to really test it out, I could fuck you with it and let’s see how you do as a straight man. So bend over,spread apart. After all, you are TOTALLY NOT gay, aren’t you?

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