Domina Elara – Stroke Till It Breaks

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Duration: 12:17s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

“Hello little Porn Addict… are you stroking? I’m sure you are… but if you keep stroking and stroking and stroking…. Are you sure you aren’t fucking up your penis? You see… I know how much you LOVE stroking, and frankly I LOVE encouraging it too. You hungrily pumping your cock, teasing you with my full plump breasts, getting you to stroke more and harder and harder… but aren’t you worried that one day you might break that cock? Not break it like snap it in half… but break it like… you get so desensitized with all that sexy pumping… but it’s so hot, and you can’t seem to stop yourself and I love it! Won’t you please pump more for me and I tease you? Maybe I do want to ruin that cock of yours… or maybe I just want you to pump, stroke and jerk it for me and my gorgeous tits…

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