Dirty Demi – Nipple Pump Prank on Boss

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(FULL FACE) You’re the new guy in the office and you’re loving it here, you’ve settled in nicely and some of your colleagues have even entrusted you to deliver the boss’s post to her! Everyone says that’s a pretty big deal so you’re pleased to have gotten this task – you’re told the package has the boss’s “cups” in it – apparently she’ll understand what you mean. You come into my office and I seem busy and pissed off when you tell me you’ve brought my post. I tell you to sit and wait whilst I finish the work you’ve interrupted! I also tell you that it’s pretty unusual for me to have my post delivered to me… this sets off alarm bells in your head, all your colleagues made it sound like this was a really established task? Maybe you misunderstood? You begin to get nervous and your hands shake a little as you pass me the package… I unwrap it… the first item is lotion …. And the second item is a set of nipple suckers!!!! Your stomach drops as I angrily exclaim, asking you what on earth you’re playing at! You explain the situation to me and I realised we’re both part of a prank. But I guess.. If you can’t beat them? Join them! I order you to stay and watch me as I play with my new nipple suckers – condescendingly remarking “you’re the new guy – you definitely don’t have anything better to do!”. I moan and squeeze and suck my nipples, unzipping my tight revealing dress and rubbing my wet pussy through my g string. You sit there and watch, obeying my commands to get really close and watch me pump my nipples. It’s clear I loooove an audience. You’re excited – maybe you’ll be able to touch my swollen nipples? Maybe I’ll give you a promotion to keep you quiet about this exchange? Your hopes are dashed when I’ve had my fill, I say I have a vibrator in my office that I need to finish myself off with before my next meeting – I turn and look at you as though I forgot you were even there! I then tell you, you’ve seen too much and I’ll have to make you redundant. Pack up your things and don’t bother even thinking about a wrongful termination lawsuit – no one will ever believe you! Available to stream or download and keep forever! I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Xx

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