Dirty Demi – My 1st anal orgasm

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Duration: 26:6s
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So this video started off as a fun little play session, the brief was to just choose a toy combination I thought would give me the most pleasure and play with myself… but things escalated! In this video I start off just rubbing my clit with my vibrator and talking you through how it feels and how it reminds me of someone licking my pussy, then I move onto fucking my pink pussy with my vibrator, edging it into my tight hole and moaning whilst I talk you through exactly what I’m doing and exactly why I’m doing it… Then when I’m super duper horny and ready to go – I start playing with my butt toys and this is where the pleasure ups to a whole new level! I had no idea I could cum this way, I fuck my tight arse and press my pink swollen clit against my vibrator until I squeeze out the most deliciously intense orgasm I have in a loooooong time!! I promptly get the giggles afterwards (a habit of mine when I cum super hard!) and talk you through how shocked I am to have cum that way! This is a very authentic and pleasure focused video, there’s no storyline, just me, my toys and a hell of a lot of fun… So if the idea of me getting off is something that’s gonna get you off? This is 100% the video for you! Available to stream or download and keep forever, I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Demi Xx

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