Dirty Demi – Fuck Me or Youre Fired

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Duration: 23:22s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

In this video I call you (Jack) into my office to discuss your performance. You’ve been on probation after your sales figures have dropped and unfortunately not much has changed. You’re nervous as I offer you a seat and tell you it’s time to review your numbers. I ask you how you think you did. You tell me you’re aware your numbers aren’t what they should be but you’re determined to get them back up and you’ll work harder than ever to get there – you cringe at how feeble this sounds. I agree with you that your performance has been disappointing. You tense up ready for me to tell you you’re being made redundant. But the words don’t come out of my mouth…. Instead I complain of the distance between us on opposite sides of this desk and would you mind if I came a bit closer? You tell me no you wouldn’t mind, you’re very confused… I sit on the desk, exposing my legs in fishnet stockings. I tell you what’s most important to me is that we foster an open minded environment in the workplace… as I say this I spread my legs and reveal my thong covered pussy. My hands travel up my thighs, making no effort to protect my modesty as your eyes travel all over my body. I tell you how stressful it is being the only female boss in a multi million dollar company… I ask you if you can imagine what stress like that does to a woman’s body, as I say this my hands travel up to my breasts and I softly caress them through my dress.. You can feel your dick starting to harden up. I tell you that I have an opportunity for you… If you fuck me here and now, I’ll let you keep your job. You eagerly agree and I smile and immediately get your cock out and begin sucking you off. Staring deeply into your eyes as I moan and gag on your cock, you can tell how horny sucking you off is getting me. Drool runs down my chin. You’re shocked at how quickly your intimidating, pristine looking boss has turned into a little horny mess on her knees in front of your throbbing cock! I tell you I want to ride you and you lie down on your back in my office. I lower myself onto your cock, my pretty pink pussy sliding up and down while I moan, my breasts bouncing with every thrust. I feel so tight and you can tell I’m enjoying how you feel just as much! I keep bouncing until I make myself cum on your hard throbbing cock, I lock eyes with you and tell you I need you to cum inside me. I lie back on my desk and spread my legs wide open for you to fuck me. You pump away at my pussy whilst I whimper and moan and beg to be filled with your cum! You let out a thick creamy load and pump it into my pussy, I’m so so so happy to be filled up with your cum!! I push my legs back and look at my cum covered pussy, beaming from ear to ear telling you you’ve done such a good job! You can sit back down now and we can discuss your future at this company. As I get dressed and reapply my lipstick you watch me transform from the cock obsessed slut you were just pumping with cum into the reserved and intimidating boss you always knew before – it’s like night and day! I tell you you can stay at this company but I’m going to make you my personal assistant. You’re going to be stationed at the desk outside of my office and whenever I email you that I need my kitty serviced I expect you to come into my office with your cock hard as a rock and ready to fuck me silly! That will be your only job as my personal assistant – sound good? 1080p quality, available to stream or download and keep forever! I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Xx

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