Dirty Demi – Coworkers Revenge

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Duration: 25:27s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

There’s a new girl at work… her tits are huge and you can’t stop staring at them! Your girlfriend works in the same office so you feel super guilty about staring at the new girl so much but you’re confident nothing will come of it as you’re pretty careful to make sure you don’t get caught ogling… well you’re wrong! In this video I confront you (Will) about your fixation on my large breasts. We’re working on the same account and I’m desperate to impress the higher ups and I can’t do that if my colleague is drooling over my tits in every meeting we have! I have a solution though… either I go to HR and your girlfriend or you do what I say – we’re going to jerk off together in my office, I’m going to tease and edge you all the way to a thick creamy load with my huge tits, after cumming hopefully you’ll be less horny around me and we can create a far more professional working environment. And surprise! Just at the point of orgasm I snap a photo of you cumming all over yourself so now I guess you have no choice but to play along with my games… Available to stream or download and keep forever, I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Demi Xx

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