Dina Sky – Wifes Big Surprise Cuckold

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This was a custom video. Things in the bedroom have been quite sparse these days and your always figured it was because your wife was always traveling and away on business and sex just wasn’t as practical but little did you really know your wife doesn’t really have to travel for her job, in fact when she stays late after work its because she’s hooking up with her boyfriend and his bbc. You walk in on her having a glass of wine, maybe one to many already working on her computer, work spread out on the bed, still in her work attire. You make some small talk with her, and she talks about how well her “BIG” client went, and how she was able to close on other “Big Clients”, after some talk you ask if you guys can have sex….. you wife looks at you with a loving face and tells you to sit down. She tells you that she loves you, cares about you, but you have to understand something…. things in the bedroom between you and her are bad, you’re just not big enough, I mean look you’re too small, feeling so inadequate, and rather upset about this, you wife asks you if you love her, and would do anything for her? Even with what she just said, you would do anything for her, anything. After she reassures that you would then she announces she has a BIG surprise. She immediately picks up her phone and calls someone inviting them over for a “party” she tells you your not allowed to move at any cost and she’s goes to change. Shortly later there are multiple men in your room, one claiming to be her “boyfriend” who she set this up with to happen like this. Suddenly your wife is someone entirely different persona, a slutty submissive and she’s ready to party far more than you ever seen her like. She gets on her knees in her super tight revealing pink dress and does as the “boyfriend bbc” tells her to do suck his big huge dick. She’s happy to do so and right in front of you, you feel your tears rolling down your face as you realize your wife is happier with this other man, and before you know it she’s sucking and making his friends big dicks cum too right in front of you. You feel so broken, upset, but in a twisted way your rock hard and can’t help that your dick is aching to be touched while you watch your very own wife please these other big cocks, being almost double your size if not more. You hadn’t even realized that she was ultimately making you their cuck, – cuck husband would forever be your new title, and this was their plan all along. After making her boyfriend cum and his friends she climbs on top of him and rides him facing you, while also playing and sucking and touching his friends on each side, seeing her moan and smile with cum dripping down her face, you realize they are satisfying her more than you would ever. She turns around and rides his bbc until he blows, yes blows inside of your wife…. the one thing you’ve always wanted to make her pregnant, – but now she may very well be by this bbc stud and she purposely did it, she wanted it. Looking down your still hard, and she toys with your feelings throughout all of this- implementing and emphasizing on how much better she feels with a big cock in her, etc. and you finally get the opportunity to cum when she tells you too after he has blown his load and you watch it drip out of her freshly fucked pussy.

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