Dina Sky – Nataylas Caged Pet Face Fucked

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Duration: 14:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This was a custom video request. I am the role of Natayla wrestler and I have decided to invite back my biggest fan (from previous Natayla Videos) only this time I have something very different in mind. You think your here for a tour of my Hart Dungeon and a work out with the Queen herself. You walk in excited, nervous, but more excited to be in my presence again. I am dressed in my famous spike bra, this time some vinyl pants but you notice a bit of a bulge and start to be concerned but you focus back on me. After brief converse I reveal a caged box (kennel) where I tell you to get in it, were doing a little different work out and you will obey your Queen of Harts. You don’t want to make me upset, you want to worship me and will do whatever I wish. I get you in the kennel and lock you up and taunt you with the key and then I reveal my true plans. Since you got the opportunity to face fuck me, and feel you cock around my bra, its my turn to face fuck you, its only fair right? Well even if it isn’t I don’t really care, what you going to do tap out? Show me how much you worship me and the lengths you are willing to do. Running my spiked bra along the cage I break out that big strap on dick showing it off, teasing you, and getting ready to put it in your mouth but your lucky the cage is too small for this huge dick, so I let you come outside the cage some and (pov looking up) I smack it on your face before I throw it down your throat and make you suck that big dick. I tease you with my underboob cleavage, show off just a little taste of my breasts and continue to fuck your mouth telling you to take it and be a good boy for your Queen. After I have had my fun using your mouth, your rock hard, twisted way I think you enjoyed sucking on this dick for me, and oh do you want to cum? I don’t know maybe I should let you make a mess but only if you can do it as quick as I say cum….ready? Teasing you with my breasts, I drop them out for a few seconds and let you cum, leaving a mess on your pants and making you go back into that cage (kennel) and locking you in, I think I might keep you overnight for some other plans, keep the dildo and practice you might need it.

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