Dina Sky – Natalya Lucky Fan Dominated JOI

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Duration: 20:42s
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You’ve been following her Wrestling Career, (WWE) and now you are chosen as the “Lucky” Fan to get to personally meet with her backstage; you chose her, Natalya. Her blonde hair with pink, she’s strikingly beautiful, her amazing form fitting studded & spiked costumes she wears, her teasing cleavage, you can’t believe your right in front of her now. She approaches you, your stuttering trying to find the words, nervously telling her… Shhh, she speaks to you with such a dominating but sexy manner. Natayla thinks to herself well he’s not bad looking, maybe I can have a little fun with this one (you), She speaks to you and tells you she’s gonna tease you as long as you do what the “Queen” says. Natayla teases you to the maximum with her cleavage, she’s wearing this spiked bra that holds her beautiful breasts together so perfectly, and her skin tight vinyl cat stud all decked out in pink gems. She tells you to stroke your cock only when she says, obey her, be a good boy for the Queen of Harts, worship your queen, asking if you want to see her tits, she drags you in close for a cho ke hold and smothers you in her breasts, your so struck in her powerful dominating but seductive manner you can’t help but to do anything she says, still in shock this is all happening. You’ve been teased by this “Diva’s Tits for Years” and now there right in front of you, she lets them out and teases you more and more, covering the nipples, dirty talking, pulling the bra back up and down, telling you to stroke it for her, work that cock up, asking if you want to cum on this big tits, she knows you do, she’s makes you so weak to her words, your throbbing and you feel the rush in your body as she continues to bring you close. That’s right, your on the brink of orgasm, and she yells to you, that’s right TAP OUT, submit to the queen of Hearts, ….right at the moment of being ready- eruptly she stops, denied, with a sorta evil giggle, she tells you ‘to get the f- out before I call security haha, did you really think I’d let you cum? I’m the queen…… ” After you have left, Natalya (a beautiful view of the bra/cleavage in the mirror) thinks to herself, now that I stripped out of most of my costume, maybe I should send a personal video to this fan and give him a chance to actually cum, he won’t receive this video for a few days but im sure at the point he will be on the verge of wanting to cum so bad, ill coax on with it. Still keeping a dominating persona as the Queen, she teases you little bit more, and says if you do a I tell you as you watch this video clip, then you might just be able to cum for your Queen, bringing you to that point all over again with anything that comes out of her beautiful mouth, she grants you permission to cum, but make it quick before she ends the video, cum, cum, cum she says, for me……moments later the video ends.

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