Dina Sky – More Than Friends Ass Licking

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Duration: 12:23s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This was a custom video. It’s similar to my “More than a Date”. We have been good friends for quite awhile never expected anything else than that. You agreed to come out with me to this movie/event I had passes too, had you not gone I would likely not went. We’re back at my place and I offer for you to stay for a bit, we could watch a movie, play a game, something. You really had nothing else planned so you agree, I come back and jump onto my bed turn the tv on, looking at you looking at me, somehow I think we’re both getting these vibes we really next had before. I mean what happens when two good friends are on a nice big bed together… ? We start talking about it, like do we go to the next level, do we want to be more ? Before you know it were all in- I am taking down my top to show you my big tits and I get you on the bed so I can take out your cock, I mean it was already rock hard to begin with, im guessing the short little black dress I am wearing likely started that ;). I start to suck on your cock, so happy and enjoying myself, licking it, and being a bit shy but cute at the same time- as I lick your balls I ask if maybe you like or are into your ass being eaten? I mean I love it but it’s hard to find a man who likes that, – you’ve never had it done on you before but your open to trying it. I slide my tongue right into your tight ass. I let my sit drip down and play with it, licking it really good, working my tongue in and out, I can feel your cock in my hand twitching at it, and your balls getting tighter, Do you like it? I think you do don’t you? I mean who would known two good friends would be doing some hot kinky stuff together and enjoying it? After I’ve licked your ass, worked your cock, I get on top of you and climb on. I start riding you, talking dirty, love your cock inside of me, bouncing those big tits, I take my dress off riding some more with those tits in your face, and then it take my bra off and ride hard until I decide its time to give you a nice feel of my ass bouncing while your pounding me doggystyle. I turn around and push up on the bed and let you slide your hard cock deep inside of me until your ready to blow. (this is all virtual sex) Then you tell me your ready to cum and I can’t wait for it to be all over my face, my tits, I sit down on the floor looking up and encourage you to give me that hot load of cum… blowing a bunch of cum all over my face, in my eye, and drips down my tits.

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