Dina Sky – Drenched Wet Dunked & Cum Mess

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Duration: 11:13s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is custom video and a follow up from the first one, “Wet, Dunked, & Cummed on”, in this I am wearing the blue polo shirt, black skirt, no panties no bra, and my hair in pigtails. I start off first rubbing myself on the edge of the tub; dry, playing with myself getting all worked up for a few minutes, then I decide to enter the bath tub, and turn the water on. I am already feeling the anticipation as the water will hit me, I turn it on, and let it drench my clothes soaking wet, as the water continues to drop down on me, I get to worked up again I start fingering myself in the shower, squeezing my wet clothes to my body, and just enjoying myself. After a little bit of thigh’s shaking, I decide to dip into the tub, filling it up with water, I dunk myself in and out, alternating views from front on and close side, to see the way the shirt hugs and drips as it gets soaked in the water, and looking at my face as I dunk my head into the water receptively for a bit, enjoying it very much, and then I come to the point of begging for cum on me, I want that hot cum, and I want it all over my shirt, “Bukakke” style, with implied two dicks there the cum lands on my shirt, hot streams of hot cum, over and over again, my shirt now a color of white with all the cum, loving it, I dunk down into the water a few more times to wash it off before slowing and seductively getting up from the water and squeezing the wet clothes to my body, end. This video doesnt include much dialogue, more implied actions and teases, and focused on the water dunking, and the look of the wet clothes hugging my curvy body.

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