Dina Sky – Booty Of The Year Vlogcompilation

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Duration: 14:50s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is a VLOG style Video in my MV Gear, of me thanking for the continued support, and talking about me running for Booty of the Year this year again, and to check out my very rare deals, then theres some booty, a few spanks, even my tits fall out of my top because its entirely too small for me but were here for the booty! Then theres a approx 7-8 minutes of short (20-30 seconds) scenes from some of my booty videos (a few definitely worth looking at) that compliment my booty. MV Awards runs from Jan 8-Jan 19th, and I’d love to place again this year. Check out my wall for details on paid votes, free votes are greatly appreciated, and if there’s something you want or package of some sort please contact me via DMs, wall, or when Im on MV LIVE.

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