Dina Sky – Becoming The Therapists New Pet

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Duration: 20:39s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This was a custom video with a lot of teasing with sheer black thigh highs on. You colleagues referred you to my office, you were looking for a therapist to help with your issues, you had no idea though what you were getting yourself into with me.. as you walk into my office seeing my wearing sheer black stockings, a short skirt hiked up just enough to make your imagination start to run wild, this is going to be incredibly hard, and yes it will be. With some brief questions, I decide that you are the perfect new pet I am looking for. I know what you real problem is…. I spread my legs and open my shirt, revealing some lingerie underneath. This session is going to go a little different than you expected. I know your already packing a hard on in your pants, undress now.. I put you in a position to feel so vulnerable and at my mercy. You feel obligated to do as I say and some how everything I do say sends tingles down your body, your mesmerized by everything about me. I tease you countlessly throughout with my body in different angles, as I strip out of my lingerie down to just the stockings. Your fate is in my hands, now question is do I let you cum, do I deny you and make you come to another session,… I am confident that this won’t be your last session and now that I’ve got you all revved up and mine, I think I may just let you cum but only on my countdown not a second sooner.

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