Dina Sky – All Natural Sensual & Wet BJ

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Duration: 13:28s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is a rare video for me to have absolutely no make up on, all natural. So if your looking to enjoy a nice sensual, deep, and wet/sloppy blowjob from me, with a tank top on, a thong, hair pulled up, and no make up, then you will enjoy this. I start with light conversation to you (POV) about maybe instead of watching something you let me suck on your cock. I know the way your looking at me is already hinting you want it, lots eye contact, I take your cock out, nice hard it is already, I wrap my naked lips around your dick and slide it into my mouth, popping off the head and letting some spit drip down it, I look up at you with my mouth full of your cock, taking you deeper as I go, playing with my straps, I strip my tits out and squeeze them, and then back to teasing and sucking your hard throbbing cock. I continue to talk about wanting your cum, wanting to empty your balls, and suck you some more with my ass in view and just enough of a tease, I get you close to cumming, sucking you a little harder now and asking for it, you can’t hold back and blow a load filling up my mouth as it overpours out of the corners of my mouth, and some slightly hitting my cheek, that was a nice big mouthful of cum.

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