Dina Sky – Alien Abducted To Be Used

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Duration: 26:10s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This was a pretty big project (the green screen effects, sfx effects, & the HUGE bad dragon dildo) and was a custom video. Sci-Fi style mini xxx movie. It begins with me outside on the phone and looking up to see some sorta of strange flying object, (sounds effects/special effects), teleports me up. I awake in a dark room, naked, and restraints (light rope bondage) on me, unknown to what has happened, a “alien” has come through the darkness (only thing visible is the hands & some voice over effects to mimic a alien style voice) I ask to be let go, I try to push away, but nothing is working, the hands get closer to me “poking” at me, another one appears and wraps the hands on my head to push into my mind what I am going to do and my purpose here. I am asked to sit up and suck out the cum of this test subject (bad dragon dildo), hesitant at first, I comply, sucking best to my ability, and trying to milk this subject of all its cum, as it cums on me a strange feeling of lust for more has embodied me and I want more of this cum, I rub it on my tits, on my face, I empty the cock as much as I can, enjoying the feeling of it all over me, I bring my breasts to it and try to squeezed it against my tits, once the cum as drenched me, they are satisfied, but don’t let me go as promised. This transitions into the next chapter (filmed separately) a few days later aboard this “ship”, I awake once again my hands tied and now they have got into my head and tell me what must be done, this time they want me to take the test subject inside of me and fuck it. I try to object, I know it won’t fit, please just let me go…. But this is the only way. My restraints are removed and I hike my skirt up and climb on top to push this huge cock inside of me, riding it, moaning, I take it, few different angles, and beg for it to cum, one good push down and I feel it fill me up, I take it out to reveal all the cum as it drips out of me, showing the “aliens/audience” the creampie mess it has given me. However, there’s still more cum left, and I have to empty it, which flips into final scene where (side view), I suck what I can of it, stroke it, looking up at it, and begging for more cum, as the cum drips out to my tits, my face, my mouth, the feeling of wanting more sets back in, and beg for another load of cum, a huge one, rubbing it all over my face, and soaking in the hot cum mess, I have completed what they wanted, I show them, as I play with it, and stand up, end scene. This video was very challenging, trying to time the effects, incorporate the sounds, green screen effects were also a bit rough to perfect, ( I did the best I could to limit the interference and blend the background in), also this is the biggest DILDO I have ever used in any of my videos, Bad Dragon Sleipnir (12 inches/3.2 girth at base) (and no I don’t take the whole thing, you can see from previews).

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