Destinationkat – Youre Just a Wallet

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Duration: 25:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This video is all about enforcing real chastity. You are a beta who could never have me, or anyone like me for that matter. I go over the rules while you look at my face. I tell you that you are to call me Goddess Kat. I address your obsession with me. I then show you my puss. You better be wearing your cage. I talk down about you and your worth. You’re just a wallet to me and that is what you’ll always be. You will forever be giving me your money. I then try on some lingerie sets while you watch me. All locked up, unable to even get hard. I then play with a dildo with my mouth. I show you some photos and talk about them. How you will have to pay to even see them uncensored. I talk about the Alpha I’ve fucked while you sit there and watch me. I show you everything you could have- but you’re just a beta. You’re just a wallet. That’s all you are. In fact, you should give me even more money for even just allowing you to watch this video.

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