Demon Goddess J – Mesmerizing Leather JOI

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Duration: 14:42
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m going to drive you crazy with today’s outfit. So much delicious strappy leather! Are you aching at the thought of kneeling before me and running your grubby little fingers over my buttery soft body in leather? As if you could earn that. Only good boys get to satisfy their desires. Good boys who jerk off only when, where, and how I tell them. Good boys who spend their money on me when, where, and how I tell them. Good boys who say good morning and ask what they can do for me today. Do you want to be a good boy? Do you want to stroke and perform self CBT for me? I think that’s exactly what you need. It’s easy when you’re gazing at my leather clad body. My warm and round breasts bouncing on your screen coupled with my velvet voice always leaves you weak, but with all of this leather you’ll be mesmerized into cumming through the pain. I love knowing that your pleasure and pain are mine to dole out.

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