Demi Mundane – Sissy JOI CEI POV Cocksucking

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I bet a cute little sissy panty boy like you has always wanted to suck a big hard girl dick like mine! Don’t you wanna feel my hard cock filling your mouth? Well first, you have to do something for me, so grab your panties and anything you may want to fill your ass with! Because you have to follow my instructions and stroke your little clitty just how I tell you while I stroke along with you, and then make a big sticky cummy mess in those cute little panties you’re wearing! To warm you up, I’ll tell you what a pathetic little panty boy you are while I tease you with my hard cock and sexy body. I’ll get you to play with your clitty, rubbing it over your panties first, just to tease you. Once you’re so excited and hard that it hurts, I let you reach into your panties to rub your head with two fingers, just like real girls rub their clits. Since you’re not a real girl though, I know that you won’t be able to control yourself and start stroking your clit with your whole hand, so I stroke along with you, but just as you’re about to cum, I make you stop stroking, put your clitty back in your panties, and calm down. You don’t get to cum until I tell you! Once you’ve calmed down, I let you stroke again, and I edge you like this 3 times total, tell you the whole time what a pathetic little sissy whore you are and how desperately you must want cock in your mouth, and then finally I let you cum your load in your little girly panties. Of course, all good sissies taste their cum, so I make you dip your fingers into your messy panties, scoop up all the cum you can, and then lick your fingers clean. Delicious, right? Since you’ve been SUCH a good little sissy slut for me, you finally get your reward, my big girl dick right in your face! I get you to worship it first, smelling it deeply, tasting my precum, and then finally getting you to take my whole cock into your mouth, seeing how far you can get it into your throat, and encouraging you to go deeper.

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