Darlingjosefin – The Soccer Girls Bitch

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Duration: 15:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My soccer teammates told me what they did to you. They said they picked you up and carried you into the women’s change room, made you strip down to your tighty-whities and kiss their feet while they spanked you. That must’ve been so humiliating! I convinced them to leave you alone, though. But the only way I could do it is by claiming you as my bitch. If you don’t want them to keep training you like a slave, then you’re going to have to convince them that you really do belong to me. That’s why I invited you over – so that we could practise! First, strip for me. Say “Yes Mistress” and do it! Now kiss my feet. Hmm, I don’t think kissing my feet will be enough to prove to them that you really are my bitch, though. Kiss my asshole instead. Only a submissive slave would do that! I think I should spank you to. Oh my god, did you just visibly flinch from that? LOL! You’re such a wimp. Fine, I won’t spank you. How about I tickle you instead? Can you handle tickling, little bitch? Now tell me that I own you while I tickle you! You make a pretty good slave, you know. I think we’ll easily be able to convince the other girls that you belong to me.

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