Daras Daily Taboo – Mean Mommy Cum Countdown JOI 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:56
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

**Mommy shames her perverted son for masturbating in her bedroom!** **This clip is a hot custom Mommy JOI request from a dear fan** My darling son is such a little pervert! I’m so glad to be home from work. I’ve had such a long day and it feels so good to be able to just kick back and read a magazine. Oh my goodness, what are you doing in here! You scared me! How long have you been in my room? What are you hiding in your pocket?! Have you been masturbating in my room?! Why do you have my panties in your pocket?! Oh my goodness, you’re my son! You dirty little pervert! Come here, let me see! Oh my goodness I can see your little boner! What the hell do you think you’re doing! Why don’t you get a real girlfriend and stop fantasizing over your mother! You’re a bit old to be staying home and masturbating with your moms underwear! Put your little dick away! Why don’t you look at porn in your bedroom! Don’t you find it’s weird to be masturbating about me?? I’m your mother! I feel so violated! How many times have you been jerking off in my room this week? I hope at least you’re jacking off nicely… Not like some dirty little teenager! I’m going to show you how to do it nicely… I know your dick isn’t as big as my dildo, but Mommy can teach you how to touch yourself properly. Mommy is upset with you, but you need to learn how and it’s my duty as your Mother to make you ready for the world. I show you how to slowly touch yourself. You’ll follow along with me now, ok? Don’t blow your little load all over the place, calm down. I don’t want to get you too excited. In your dreams, you’d stick your dick between my tits, but I know you’d cum too quickly. No summing till I say so… stop! Be patient! This is a bit wrong, but now we’ve started. You’ve made Mommy’s pussy all wet and sticky… oh dear… I’ll just touch it a little bit. Don’t you cum yet! Do you want me to count you down to cumin? While you sit there in shame, like a disgusting little pervert… Ok now start pulling it harder. You’re only going to cum when I tell you. DON”T YOU DARE cum before! Otherwise I’ll tell all your friends what a little pervert you are! I’ll shame you in front of the rest of the family too! Ok, now you’re gonna cum, only when I count you down. Mmm, that’s it. 5… 4…. 3…………. 2…. ….1…. Cum! That’s it. Keep cumming. That’s it. Now, you don’t come in my bedroom again, ok! Otherwise I will tell all your friends about your little perverted secret!

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