Cyber Monday Sensual Rinsing – Crystal Knight

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Duration: 10:11
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Ahh, Cyber Monday, the day millions of people spend tons of money on online sales. Instead of hitting the stores and indulging on your guilty pleasures, I have other plans for you. Your going to indulge on MY guilty pleasure. Im going to rinse that account in my sexy little santa lingerie and make sure every dollar only goes towards MY wants. MY desires. The only place your money belongs is in my hands. Luxuries surrounding me, jewelry, lingerie, heels, clothes, and so much more. You love spoiling me. I deserve only the finest but Im going to take it slow and ease your wallet into the palm of my hand. You want to feed my greed and a little seduction goes a long way in getting what I want.

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