Cum For Mommy – Hurry Up And Make Cummies For Me 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 06:05
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

What sweetie? Your peepee is all big AGAIN? Ok, well try to make it get little because we have to leave very soon. I know it feels funny when it gets like that. Oh sweetie, this is the third time today… Ok, ok, mommy will take care of it but we have to hurry. We have to go bye byes very soon. Mm, it is all big and swollen, isn’t it. Let mommy use her hand and get all the cummies out for you. What, you like it better when mommy uses her mouth? Oh you are so spoiled. Such a spoiled little boy. Go ahead sweetie, make cummies for me. Put all that delicious little boy messy stuff in mommy’s mouth. Mmm, mommy loves having your cummies in her mouth. So much white stuff for such a little boy. Now get yourself dressed again, we have to go bye byes.

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