Crystal Knight – No Sex For Losers

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Duration: 6:26s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

On sale just to lure in even more new addicts 😉 * Sex free for life. No one would ever want to fuck a loser like you. No one would ever crave to have sex with someone as pathetic and inferior as yourself. You’re caught in the endless cycle of self pleasure because no woman in the world would want to give it up to you. Commit to a sex free life for me, only jerking off to my perfect curves and worshiping daily. Accept that your cock will never be touched, unless it’s your own hand doing the work. You were going to jerk to hear shame and pathetic nonexistent sex life. This is your fate and you’re lucky for the honor of worshiping a goddess as she laughs at your pain and pathetic reality. You’ll never be good enough for sex loser.

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