Crystal Knight – 30 Days of Chastity Reward JOI

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Duration: 22:9s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

Let’s start with a congratulations for making it 30+ days, I tell you I’m going to reward you for following my directions so well. We’re going to start with a shot, a little celebration is in order. Maybe even two shots depending on how much I want to reward you. I ask if you already miss your chastity? Let’s forget about that device for a few minutes, instead, let’s try . I’ve never instructed you personally to whiff those fumes. You’re going to get lost breath after breath. Next, I tease you with blackmail, and another shot, until you’re falling so deep you forgot you were even stroking. Instead, you send me any info I desire and fall into bliss as all your favorite fetishes combine and I let you have your first orgasm out of chastity in 30+ days

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