Cruel Girlfriend – Roo Morgue – Impregnate Your Soulmate

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He knows exactly how to hurt you doesn’t he cuckold? He knows what words to use to cause you maximum pain and humiliation. Like last night when he told you he was going to impregnate your soulmate before taking me to the bedroom. Your poor cuckold heart broke in two didn’t it? Because that’s what I am isn’t it cucky – I’m your soulmate – your little princess. Your whole world. I mean everything to you – so when another man – a bigger, stronger, better man – takes me away from you and tells you he’s going to fuck his cum deep inside me, it hurts you more than anything. And what does your little princess do? Do I defend you? Do I tell him not to be so cruel? Do I reject him? No honey – I smile at you, I giggle at your heartbroken face, I grab his hand and I follow him to the bedroom and leave you outside to hear him impregnate your soulmate. Did you hear us cuckold? Did you hear all the things your bully did to your soulmate? Did you hear him tell me how hot I looked in the special lingerie set you bought for me? Did you hear him tell me how good my ass looked in the cute panties and how big my tits looked? Did you hear him tell me to turn around to give him a better look of my ass? Did you hear him tell me to strip – to leave my heels on for him – to kneel and unzip his cock from his trousers? I bet you heard everything right cuckold? I bet you even heard my little gasp of surprise when his huge, thick bully cock fell out in front of my face too. Did you hear him tell your soulmate to suck his cock? Honey – I couldn’t wait to get that thing in my mouth! I sucked his big hard cock like I’ve NEVER sucked yours. I took his balls into my mouth, I licked and sucked on his thick shaft and drooled over every inch. I looked up into your bully’s eyes and squeezed my lips around his dick and sucked him until I was desperate for his cock to be inside me. How did it feel when you heard me say ‘impregnate his soulmate’ huh cuckold? I know you heard me beg him – we heard you crying! You heard me beg your bully to fuck me – to fill me with his cock – to fuck his sperm into me – to impregnate your cheating soulmate. I begged him for his cock cuckold – I begged him to fuck me hard – to treat me like a slut and I know you heard every single second of it. You had to wait outside the bedroom door – listening to another man fuck your little princess like you’re never allowed to – you pathetic cuckold crybaby.

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