Cruel Girlfriend – Queen Kitty – Stop Your Huffing and Start Your Fluffing

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You’re going to be a faggot for me – you’re going to suck cock because you want to please me and my pretty girlfriends. It’s not gay if you’re sucking cock for a girl, right? Well it is kinda gay – it’s kinda a lot gay actually but you’ll be gay for me and my hot girlfriends. You’ll suck cock for me, let men use your mouth, let men slap your face with their cocks and rub their cum filled balls all over your face – and you’ll let them cum in your mouth too. You’ll go gay for pretty girls because you know it’ll make us happy to see you humiliated like this. You know we’d never want to be with you, like fuck you or date you or whatever – so you get to please us a different way – by being humiliated for us. You’re going to submit to dominant cock because we say so. And you’ll do it properly too right faggot? I want to watch you desperately trying to please the men who have their cocks in your mouth. Being the cock-miliated bitch of me and my hot girlfriends is all about submission. It’s about dropping to your knees in front of a man while we all watch and laugh at you. It’s about looking up at the man whose cock you’re sucking – making eye contact and doing everything you can to make him cum. We’ll cheer you on – with insults and laughter as he gets closer and closer to filling your mouth with his cum. It’ll be humiliating and emasculating for you – but this is your place in life. You’d much prefer to be having your cock sucked by me or one of my hot girlfriends but that’s not your role – you take cock for girls like me because you’re better off gay. We want you to be gay for us – and what we want, we get – isn’t that right faggot?

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