Countess Jezebeth – Weak Nipple Drone

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Duration: 17:14s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

*Custom clip, no names used* This is just for you, My weak drone. You fell for Me the minute we spoke and have been under My control since. You cannot escape Me for I know all your weaknesses and will continue to find all of them. I will make new weaknesses in you, I will implant new fetishes inside of you, you will become absolutely whatever the fuck I want. It all started with your weak nipples. Tugging on them is your ON button. Once they’re squeezed, you’re weak. I coerce you to be My cuckold bitch, My spit drinker, My mindless worshipper. Completely mesmerized and entranced by Me, I take you further and further making you realize that you’re just an object to Me. An object that’s meant to be caged. An object that’s meant to be taken advantage of. So go ahead, My drone, squeeze them one more time and try to escape Me.

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