Countess Jezebeth – Slave 404

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Duration: 17:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

**This clip can be an intx-fantasy clip, though it also does not have to be. If you are viewing this as an intx-fantasy clip, you may use whatever substance of your choosing when the prompt “404” comes on the screen.** P.S. this clip is essentially “Purify You” on crack. I’ve got many slaves in My stable. All of them have their own kinks and interests. You started out this way as well, slave. But I’ve broken you. I’ve emptied you out completely. No one can reach you other than Me, a broken link, an error. You will now be named Slave #404. Being #404 makes you even more obedient and pliable. I can install any fetishes inside of you that I like. You will worship Me, only the lowest parts of Me at first until you prove you’re worthy of anything else. You are completely lost, you simply cannot be found, you don’t even know who you are anymore. You cannot tell if you’re being redesigned, if you have been deleted or if you ever even existed in the first place. You don’t have many options now, #404, for I am the only one that can get you back up and running again.

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