Countess Crystal Knight – FinDom Euphoria 3840×2160 HD

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Duration: 15:07
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

There is so much pleasure to be found in the world of FinDom. Choose the right Goddess to serve and your life will change in so many ways, many for the better. I will make you feel things you’ve never experienced before. I show you what infatuation and obsession can do to a man. As I fill you with lust and desire, your urges to spend get more intense. It’s not just about clicking send over and over again and being told to fuck off. That’s fun for some, but not what you truly want. You want a Goddess that seduces your mind, making money have absolutely no value unless it is used on Me. You want the euphoria of being completely addicted and willing to do anything I desire. You want to be my favorite and FinDom is the only way to my heart. This body was built for sin. My sex life could be full of hot guys whenever I want, but that’s not what I enjoy. FinDom is my kink and I can’t help but want to pleasure my body when big tributes flood my inbox. There is a certain paradise to be found in FemDom that can only be achieved through FinDom, listen to my words and slip into subspace. You’re going to give Me every pleasure I want today and spend like the good boy you are. Get ready, enter findom euphoria now.

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