Countess Crystal Knight – 45 min. Hot & Oily Mesmerizing Body Worship 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 42:42
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Something about oil makes your body tingle and your cock throb. The thought of the liquid dripping down my curves, these big boobs and tight body, is impossible to resist. You Taste your lip, your breathing increases, and suddenly your just as aroused as I want you to be. You’ve been a good boy so this tease is a reward to ease you deep under my spell. A spell of pleasure, masturbation, sensation, and sexual submission to my impressive goddess body. The more I strip off the faster your heart beats, the deeper you want to go. You can’t move at all, all you can do is listen to me speak, the words rolling off my tongue as I count you down, this body worship mesmerization will have you mesmerized until you cum like you’ve never came before. This is 45 minutes of the hottest, oiliest, most mesmerizing body worship you will ever experience in your life. ($2/min is the cheapest you will EVER see me naked, Your VERY welcome) markup code- allforyou.

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