CEI for a fat pig 1080p – Tanyax Parker

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Duration: 17:06
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

OMG! What actually happened to you? I mean, you used to be fat and ugly before…but not like this! You really let yourself go, haven’t you? I bet you’ve been skipping gym and not eating properly – not respecting the 3 meals a day at the same time every day… Yes, I know work has been making it difficult for you to do that, but look at yourself! You’ve turned into nothing but a puddle of fat! Your belly is getting so big that soon enough, you won'[t be able to find your cock anymore underneath that round mass of blubber! I mean, you don’t have the smallest of them cocks, but if you keep this up… Oh my! Can you imagine your cock getting smaller as your fat belly grows? You won’t have any chance of getting laid with any woman out there, and you’ll be left with no option but to return to your one and only Goddess, desperately stroking and begging for permission to cum! Lol 🙂 let’s just say that today I will be generous enough to let you cum, but since you’ve gotten so fat, I think it’s only fair to punish you a little, as well! So…it will be an orgasm, but not really…it will be a ruined orgasm for my entertainment, and you’re going to eat it up, too! Oh and make sure you pick a favorite picture of mine and print it out unless you have a printer at home to do it while I tease away, cause you’re gonna need that. You’ll see what for!

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