Casca Akashova – Helping Mom Through A Rough Time With My Big Dick 3840×2160 HD

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Duration: 21:20
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

I know my Mom didn’t give me birth but she is amazing, I would do anything for her. I have noticed her attitude has been really down lately, I ask her what’s wrong and she just tells me all her problems. I know my Dad hasn’t been the greatest to her lately either. I let her know I am here for her and I will help her with anything, she tells me she is gonna go lay down. A few minutes later I decide I should check on her, make sure she was doing ok. I thought I heard something but when I walked in I can not believe I found her playing with her vibrator. I was in shock, she tells me to sit down. I can’t believe my Mom was just pleasuring herself, she is acting like everything is cool. Even though I was in shock my cock was raging hard I always thought she was hot. My Mom has the biggest tits and I always wanted to play with them, I guess now is my chance. I fuck my hot Mom with my big dick, I just wanna make her feel better…

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