Carlisse LaLouve – Gooning State Unlocked

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Duration: 16:7s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Relax…Breath in deep and relax every muscle in your body except one,the only one that matters now. Listen to my voice and let me take control over your mind and body..Edge yourself into a state of trance..Nothing matters now, no one matters now..You’re only focused on pleasuring yourself and obeying me..The more you edge, the more you crave more. You can’t stop stroking your cock for my perfect curves, you’re mesmerized,gooning over me like a jerkaholic. Stroking your cock for me feels better than fucking pussy…Edging for me feels better than an actual orgasm..Give in..Give me complete control and unlock a next-lever state of trance..The gooning state.

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