CaraDay – Cara & Sophie Sensual Waxplay & Spanking

Duration: 15:06
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: LESBIANS

Sophies come over to visit me and I cant wait to play! She likes to play rough sometimes, but makes sure tonight is extra slow, sensual and special for us. After some soft kisses she starts dripping hot wax all over my naked body, making sure my ass is kept up in the air at all times! She drips the wax all over my ass and back, I let out moans of pain and pleasure with each hot droplet. Once she thinks Im sufficiantly covered she gets out my wooden paddle “I wonder if I can spank all this wax off…” When the paddle doesnt seem to be enough she gets out a leather flogger, and continues to lovinglyabuse my ass. Sophie then flips me over and starts flogging my pussy until I almost cant take it! She rewards me for being such a good girl and taking all my spanks by fingering my very wet pussy, but just as I think shes going to let me cum, her hand clasps over my mouth, cutting off my air! As she lets me take gasps I cant help but orgasm

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